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Any new adventure can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. I remember when I got married, ten years ago this summer, I was so excited to start our life together, but also planning the wedding, paying for a honeymoon, finding housing… it was daunting. Anyone else out there feel this way? When we had our first baby… there was so much to look forward to, and so much to plan for (and so much we couldn’t plan for). I say, thank goodness that we don’t know the whole truth of what we’re getting into when we first step in it! The exciting part of the journey is the mess along the way. The way we rise and fall. The help we get from others further ahead in the process. The refining. It’s beautiful and horrible, isn’t it?!
There will be much that we cannot plan for in this process, and yet as we are starting to make plans, we decided an important step is to get a better grasp on our values; what is most important to us as a business, to our community and most importantly to our customers. This process of evaluating the many ideals we hope to live up to and decide what is most important was refreshing and clarifying. It gives us a direction, a place to step.
These core values inform the way we do business, the product we carry, even our name! Which I’m sure you’ve been wondering about. As we make some final preparations we are growing ever eager to share with you all the name of our new retail shop!

This big news will be coming soon!

Because a major value is you, our future customers, we will also be reaching out to listen to what you are looking for in Nappanee. What are your values? What product can you just not find around here? What do you hope to see in this new exciting space? Make sure you Like our Facebook page so you can have the opportunity to get in on the planning as well! More details will be coming soon!
This week we also walked the building again to make note of the items that we love the vintage and worn-out appeal so much, we must preserve them to use in the shop; to bring a little bit of Martin Hardware with us. Take a little photographic tour below of some of these items. You will have to revisit the days of “I Spy” and “Where’s Waldo?” once we open to see if you can find these being utilized yet again to serve customers!
Thanks for checking in with us. Stay thankful and well and we’ll see you back here next week!!!

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