Just Give it Time

How mysterious time can be. Time is so finite and yet infinite. It is elusive and yet we almost religiously track our day by it: 

School bus at 8:28am, preschool drop-off at 8:40am, sitter at 9:00am, meeting at 10:15am, Lunch noon, and so on… 

It rules over our schedules and decisions. How much time do I have for this? How much time is that going to take? We deal in time. We are time dealers. And just when we were getting good at it, our product changed!

This past year and the one we are now embarking upon has changed time. Or more accurately it has changed how we spend our time and how we think about time. For some it has made time more precious. For others it has made time more costly. The time we once thought we could count on and live by, has changed. It has expanded. In a culture determined to get the most out of time, we have been forced to get less from it. Things take longer now. It takes longer to get back to school or work after a cold, it takes longer to be seated at a restaurant, it takes longer to get our online orders delivered to our doors. There is less we can force into an hour than we used to.

There are many sentiments about getting back to a slower pace in life, the good old days. Where you take time to breath fresh air, and chat with a neighbor, taking time in the family vehicle to ride into town for groceries, or sitting around the dinner table talking and laughing about the day. But I have found that when I’m used to a certain pace, slowing down is difficult; and if I’m honest, can be down-right uncomfortable. Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change.”

So as time changes, I am learning how to adapt. How to “roll with the punches”. How to just keep stepping forward, regardless of how fast the next step will come. We had hopes that the Mercantile would be farther along by this time, but like for most Americans, and dare I say people all over the world, time has taken on a new cadence. And we must find a new groove. We are still putting one foot in front of the other, but now the beat is different. Our goal hasn’t changed and our values still lead us as we birth this vision of Neighbors Mercantile Co. into reality. But we don’t have a due date, and as uncomfortable as that can be, we just keep moving forward, stepping to the beat of a new rhythm, happy to be moving.

We are also so happy you are following along on this journey with us. We appreciate your patience in the process and the joy and excitement you have shared about Neighbors! We hope you also find your groove again and, I can’t help but be reminded of our town motto and encourage you to ‘Embrace the Pace!’


1 thought on “Just Give it Time

  1. We will be happy to wait. That’s because we know the wait will be well worth it. Happy you are continuing the quest.

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