Update from Neighbors Mercantile

Hey there friend!

As the project nears completion, we’re taking a few moments to answer some frequently asked questions. Hopefully, this information will prove to be helpful for you. We appreciate your interest in the new space. We’re more than excited to show you around, soon!

  • Will this space offer booth rentals for different vendors, and if so, can I rent space?
    • No, we are sourcing products and are operating this mercantile as our own store. We do not have individual vendors.
  • Will you provide products from local makers, and if so, would you consider selling my product?
    • We are always looking for unique products, and locally made options that fit within our parameters are always of interest. You can contact Ashley to inquire about your product.
  • Will you also be a restaurant? What will your hours be?
    • We will not be doing food service – (visit us across the street at Main Street) …Our initial Hours will be posted in April. We will work on finding a good fit as we grow into a routine.
  • Are you hiring? If so, how old do I have to be to work there? Also – am I too old to work at Neighbors? When can I apply?
    • We will begin hiring around the end of March, through the second week of April. At Neighbors, we see a value in all ages being part of the team- and have specific job descriptions in mind depending on your past experience, qualifications, or availability. Similar to Main Street Roasters, We require our employees to be 16 years old to apply.
    • Join the list – we’ll send you an application soon!
    • If you have specific questions you would like to have answered before our online applications become available, you can contact Dane. We will also offer physical paper copies of our applications at Main Street Roasters when they become available.
  • When are you opening?
    • We are planning to have the doors open for business by the second week of May. We have several preliminary dates set before that including training, and soft openings.

As the project nears completion, We would also like to give recognition to Lauren Johns (https://www.laurenjohnsdesign.com)  for the time she has put into the design aspects of this project.  Two years is a long time to work on a project, which was delayed and filled with many unexpected factors due to the pandemic. Thank you, Lauren.

We can’t wait to serve you in the near future.

Thank you,

Marcus & Debra Miller

Dane Schmucker, General Manager

Ashley Klotz, Purchasing

Laramie George, Inventory

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  1. I successfully sell vintage jewelry at The Barns in Nappanee. Would you be interested is selling my products?

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